kikie ise (meilathena) wrote,
kikie ise


feel free to add me, I'd like to make new friends :3 just;
- add me first
- comment here to notify me that you've added me
- be nice! you know how's that, don't you ;3

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GAGAGGAGAGGAA just dropping by to say hello~

Yush! Merdeka!!!
*ga nyambung BLASS* 8D

Deleted comment

yey, fellow Plastic Tree fans!! I've added you :D Thank you!!

aa, yes .. Indonesian Plastic Tree fans are ... rare o_o; but 2 of my friends I known from internet are fellow Indonesian Plastic Tree fans too! I'm .. excited. XD.
i saw you recently in honeycreepshow's journal
i love merii and plastic tree too ! ♥♥ im indonesian too xDD
yay!! ♥ sure I'm going to add you!! thank you ^ ^
You're in the crayon_boy group I'm in. I &heart; plastic tree much, and you seem like a really cool person. Add me?
sure! I'm going to add you after this :) thank you! ♥
HI !
its nakamura_kumiko
i got my self a new lj :D
add me , please ?
sure, I'm going to add you ♥
hah, now your entries are 100 % friends only lol
reply duanks


i love plastic tree too...friends?
sure! :D *adds*


12 years ago

Deleted comment

lalala jiktasjiktas \8D/

Deleted comment

bisa travelling antar samudera tanpa perlu beranjak dari tempat duduk di kamar =)) tinggal panjangin leher sepanjang2nya =)) =)) =))

karet aja ga bisa semelar itu =))
i noticed you are using the layouts im trying to use, and i was wondering if its at all possible can you e-mail me yours and i can modify them to my likings as yours are the colours i want kinda and the community where i got them, the original are confusing me to no end lol.
Hey I found your lj in Art-School community and I love Plastic Tree too =D
Can I be a friend? x33
Hi! ^^ I`m preparing Buck-Tick scans index for buck_tick and I want to ask, can I use links into your entries with magazine scans, which you posted at jrock_scans?

~ Una
sure ^ ^

Re: Question


10 years ago

I’ve been into blogging for quite some time and this is definitely a great post.Cheers!

Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.